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About Us

Actually it's about you! X.vu was created first and foremost with its users in mind. We began with an idea years ago to create a user friendly URL shortener with the shortest links possible, and launched X.vu in the spring of 2009. In September 2013, we officially launched our redesigned website as a first step towards that goal. We are committed to user safety, customer satisfaction and the ongoing pursuit of innovation. To achieve this we need your help by telling us what's on your mind. We are constantly striving to improve X.vu in our mission to make it as user friendly as possible, and the only way to succeed is by listening to our users. It's been a fun ride for the past 7 years… and the journey has just begun!

Remarkable things need remarkable URLs.
Our Features

We believe that our users are unique, with unique stories and ideas that they want to share. That's why we think they deserve unique, easy to remember URLs that can be easily spread by word of mouth and communicated over the phone. This is why we created Xtreme, a unique first of its kind feature for those special moments when you absolutely, positively have to get the shortest links possible!

How short is that? Extremely short! Xtreme allows you to purchase URLs that are only one to three characters in length, excluding the domain name itself. Resulting in URLs as short as (x.vu/ABC) or even something as short as (x.vu/1). Another benefit unique to Xtreme URLs is that they are NOT case sensitive. Meaning that if you buy the Xtreme URL x.vu/ABC, visitors will be taken to your destination regardless if they type x.vu/abc or x.vu/Abc.

For a low monthly rate, you can also own one of these extremely short URLs. To get your own Xtreme URLs, you will first need to sign up for your free account in order to buy X.vu credits that can be redeemed for Xtreme URLs.
Short URLs are a good start, but getting traffic to them is even better! That's why we created Spotlight. This feature lets you promote your shortened links directly on our website. Spotlight is a Pay-per-Impression ad service that lets you target your Spotlight ad to one or several countries, or even the entire world. You select how many impressions you want to buy with your X.vu credits; the minimum is 100 impressions for one credit. Your Spotlight will then be rotated with others until it reaches the selected amount of impressions.

In addition to these unique features X.vu also offers:

Detailed analytics
QR codes for all your URLs
Custom Tags
Password protected URLs
Mobile friendly URLs
Edit your URLs
Easy to share your links
Safety – We fight abuse
Friendly customer support