Press Release: URL Shortener Announces the Launch of its Redesigned and User-Friendly Website Allows People to Create Extremely Short and Easy-to-Remember URLs

Stockholm, Sweden —, an URL shortener that has been online since April of 2009, has just announced the launch of its redesigned website. The recently updated site contains several new innovative features that help to make unique; these include Xtreme and Spotlight, which are both available only through the website.

As Peter Mattisson, co-founder of explained, Xtreme allows people to purchase extremely short URLs that are only one to three characters in length, excluding the domain name itself. For example, the link shortener results in URLs that look like or even something as short as For a low monthly rate, registered users can buy these extremely short URLs.

One quality that helps to set the Xtreme URLs apart, he said, is that they are not case sensitive. This means that if someone purchases the Xtreme URL, visitors will be taken to its destination regardless if they type in or

“The advantage with Xtreme URLs is that they are very easy to remember and also easy to communicate over the phone. Our Xtreme URLs are useful for Internet marketers or basically anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.”

Spotlight, which is another new feature that is now available through the website, allows people to promote their short URLs directly on the site. Spotlight is a Pay-per-Impression ad service that helps people to target their Spotlight ad to one or several countries, or even the entire world. After selecting how many impressions the user wish to purchase with their credits, the Spotlight ad will be rotated with others until it reaches its selected amount of impressions.

Other features that are included in the URL shortener are the ability for users to view detailed analytics for their shortened URLs, such as real time visits, tracking clicks by country and by device, as well as the option to create custom short URLs as well as password protect their URLs and turning any shortened URL into a QR code.

“Our re-launch was just the beginning. We love to hear our customers’ input and we will always keep improving, making it as safe and user friendly as possible.” Mattisson said.

About, a website that launched in April 2009, has one key mission: to offer people a user friendly URL shortener with the shortest links possible. For a low monthly price, anyone can buy extremely short URLs using the website’s Xtreme feature. They can also promote their URLs directly on the website with a Pay-per-Impression ad feature called Spotlight. is the first URL shortener that offers these services. is committed to user safety, customer satisfaction and the ongoing pursuit of innovation. For more information, visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. is created by Fundamently, a privately held company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:
Peter Mattisson
Tel: (800) 380-1634
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